The Thai American Bar Association ("TABA") is the first organization to support Thai and Thai-American legal professionals in the United States. TABA was formed out of recognition that there is a growing number of Thai-American attorneys in the United States. TABA’s members are comprised of practicing attorneys at small and large law firms, corporate in-house counsel, government and non-profit attorneys, law students, and other members of the legal profession.

Mission Statement

TABA facilitates the professional development of our members, provides networking opportunities for our members, increases access to legal services for the greater Thai community, and fosters relationships with other legal organizations and the legal community.

Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement

TABA stands in solidarity with the Black community and other bar associations in speaking out against racism and demanding justice, accountability and reform to the systems which perpetuate racial injustice. We recognize and accept our collective responsibility to stand up for the Black community and be the allies we are called to be. We are committed to being a part of the solution by providing our membership with opportunities for education and advocacy, and by supporting efforts to dismantle systems of racism and anti-Black sentiment. We encourage our members and community to take an active stance against racism in all its forms.

TABA Activities:

TABA has the following committees. If you are interested in attending a meeting, joining a committee, or becoming the chair of a committee, please email president@tabalawyers.org.

TABA Committees:

  1. Community Concerns

  2. Law Student Outreach

  3. MCLE/Programs

  4. Media/Website

  5. Membership

  6. Social

For more information, please email contact@tabalawyers.org.

To RSVP for events, please email rsvp@tabalawyers.org.